Stress Free Travel Tips

Let's face it.  Travelling can be stressful. Early morning alarms, trains, planes, taxis, it's raising my blood pressure just thinking about it. 

Your days on vacation are precious, spending time with friends and family, or perhaps seeking some peace and quiet alone.

We understand how important this time is to recharge your batteries, so here are our top tips for stress free travel.


Do your research - Think about what you would really find relaxing. Don't book a cycling tour if lazing on a tropical beach is what you feel you need. 


Buffer - If you can take a day off from work before you travel, this will give you plenty of time to get yourself organised. Reducing the mad rush the night before you leave. This is also key for your return home too. No one wants to get back from travelling at 10pm needing to be in the office the next morning bright and early. 


Pack smart - Spend a little time planning out your outfit choices, take items that mix and match well.


Airport stay - If you have to take an early flight we highly recommend spending the night in an airport hotel. This hugely reduces stress on your day of travel. 


Taxi on arrival - There's nothing more relaxing after a long flight than hopping in a taxi to take your straight to your destination. Our concierge service can also assist you to organise an airport pick up with a reliable driver.  Don't stress yourself out with navigating public transport on arrival. 


Keep plans loose - A jam packed schedule will leave you feeling exhausted, rushing from here to there. Be sure to leave a day or two with no plans at all.


Detox from technology - We aren't suggesting you ditch your technology completely, just don't check your emails whilst you should be enjoying the scenery!


Book ahead - If there is a particular restaurant you want to dine at or an excursion you are dying to go on, book it in advance online. Don't stress trying to organise things when you should be relaxing. There's nothing more frustrating than looking forward to something to find out it's fully booked.




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